Jamming Giant Women: Narration through Song in Steven Universe


  • Andrea Meseguer Fernández de Sevilla
  • Margarita Fernández de Sevilla Martín-Albo


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the
different functions that songs perform as
constituent tools in the narrative development
of the storyline in Steven Universe, a
cartoon TV series created by Rebecca Sugar.
The narrative is driven by the disclosure of
Steven’s origin and by his development from
childhood to adolescence. The soundtrack
(and especially songs) works as an integrated
and fundamental element of the text.
Attaching different musical styles (pop, rap,
theatrical musical) consistently to the
characters helps build their fictional
personas. Purely musical procedures
(integration of certain melodic themes,
harmonies and specific instrumental colour)
correlate to events in the narrative to
provide information about the characters’
backstories and the rules that apply to the
convoluted fictional universe developed in
the series. Songs also help characters find
an emotional response to conflicting
emotional states. Complicated feelings,
such as toxic relationships, identity, sexuality,
loyalty, sacrifice, parenting, gender
stereotypes and many more are elaborated
through songs. The integration of songs into
the narrative always moves it forward,
although they sometimes challenge the
diegetic/non-diegetic dichotomy.
Journal of Sound, Silence, Image and Technology | Número 2 | Desembre 2019
Jamming Giant Women: Narration through Song in Steven Universe



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Meseguer Fernández de Sevilla, A., & Fernández de Sevilla Martín-Albo, M. (2019). Jamming Giant Women: Narration through Song in Steven Universe. Journal of Sound, Silence, Image and Technology, 1(2), 46–65. Retrieved from https://jossit.tecnocampus.cat/index.php/jossit/article/view/12